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The Portsdown transmitter has been designed to provide an easy way to “get on air” with Digital ATV at a relatively low cost covering all of the commonly used modes so enabling it to be used on ATV repeaters but also for RB-TV Dx working.

This user guide is in a number of sections which cover detailed descriptions for hardware and software, how to build and configure the system, some advanced features and an FAQ.

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System description

  • Portsdown hardware Detailed description of the Portsdown hardware and a shopping list of what you need to buy and where to buy it.
  • Portsdown software Detailed description of the Portsdown software and how to get a programmed SD card.
  • Transmitter specifications Frequency range, MER and Output Levels to be expected on each band.

Building the system

Configuring and controlling the system

  • Initial setup You must follow these steps before using your Portsdown transmitter.

Once you have configured the system, you can control the Portsdown transmitter in one of 2 modes: through the console using a second computer or by the use of the Rpi touchscreen - you will set which mode you want to use during the initial setup.

Software capabilities and issues

Advanced features

The Portsdown is not just a DATV transmitter but has several advanced features which are or may be available in the future:

Additional information

Filters and driver amplifiers are not part of the Portsdown project but VERY important

The Portsdown user's community including a map showing where user locations

You may also find this index of TLAs useful when reading the manual!

Portsdown transmitter FAQ

And of course we need an FAQ page for those people who don't read the manual!