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The MiniTiouner USB receiver uses free to download DVB-S receive and analysis software called "Minitioune" written by F6DZP. The Software is hosted on the VivaDATV forum. You need a log-in to download, but here are the links:

The latest (28 February 2017) version of MiniTioune V0.6d: Minitioune v0.6d download

Noise Power Measurement Software: ( included in the Minitioune software package)

Software Installation

 There is a "readme.pdf" in the Minitioune software package that gives the latest information and a step by step guide

For a step by step guide on how to do this, see the paper written by W6HHC -

  • Install the D2XX drivers 2.12.24 found at There's a link in the right column for a setup executable. This stage is missing from W6HHC notes.
  • Install the FT2232H USB driver for the MiniTiouner board
  • Inspect the FT2232H USB-controller module (preprogramed by BATC for NIMtuner) for correct internal memory programming
  • Install LAVfilters CODECs and test the HW board and test the DirectShow filters
  • Look in the Minitiouner folder that you've just copied to C:\ for the small program "Install_usrc_ax_winXP" and run this to install the link with the decoder.
  • Run the MiniTiouner_v0.6d executable & perhaps adjust the decoder filters being used.